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Have you ever been stuck during a business deal, eyes wide open, with no words and because of that you didn’t get the deal? Are you looking forward to expressing yourself during your first major business deal?

Here are three ways to help you through.

1. Prepare
Don’t be caught unawares. Preparation plus opportunity produces success. Research about the parties involved. Have a solid understanding of the pros and cons of commodity they’re selling. Out your best foot forward, show up on time with a clear head and full of energy.

2. Professionalism
Be professional at all times. Don’t over shoot it, keep your ego and emotions in check. However it goes, you’d want to ensure you maintain the relationship beyond the conversation. Understand the game and don’t let it play you.

3. Understand the Dynamics
Who has the leverage in the negotiation? Will the results affect your company’s growth potential? Capitalize on your strengths and weakness, so you don’t allow yourself to be exploited. Negotiation can be likened to a game of chess, know when to walk away in good faith. Also knowing where you stand will help you determine how to land the best deal.

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