Indicator (Autoclave Tape)

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  • Stripes change color after exposure to steam sterilization to provideimmediate identification of processed items.
  • Lead free—does not require hazardous waste disposal.
  • Versatile tape designed for use on all wraps, including disposable,non-woven and linen wraps.
  • Provides a secure seal and is easy to remove from reusable wraps.
  • Tape stretches to minimize tape pop-off, which reduces need forre-sterilization due to packs opening during processing.
  • Accepts handwriting and labeling for easy use and better recordkeeping.
  • Low cost per use offers economical way to monitor sterilization exposure.
  • Available in three widths.

The industry standard for exposure monitoring is now lead free—eliminating the hassles and expenses of managing and disposing of potentially hazardous waste. This reliable chemical indicator tape shows at a glance whether packs have been exposed to a steam sterilization process.